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20271 Blato-Prižba, Prišćapac b.b., Korčula, Hrvatska


All rooms have view to the sea, however, the suites without kitchenette offer the most beautiful panorama. The apartments feature one or two bedrooms. 28 apartments have own kitchenette, 22 suites are equipped with minibar and kettle. One-bedroom apartments have terrace, apartments with two bedrooms have balcony.

Room type Room size Terrace Beds Prices
One bedroom apartment* with kitchenette 27 m2 10 m2 2+2*
Apartment* with two bedrooms and kitchenette 34 m2 5 m2 4+2*
One bedroom suites with minibar 24 m2 6 m2 2*
Two bedroom suites with minibar 32 m2 6 m2 4
*extra bed available only in apartments