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Fundamentals of Dalmatian cuisine: Fish – Olives – Wine

+ 36 30 289 2279 (8-18h)
20271 Blato-Prižba, Prišćapac b.b., Korčula, Hrvatska

Food & Wine

Dalmatian culinary trinity is made of a unique combination of fish, olives and wine. These elements or at least two of them cannot lack in a traditional Croatian meal. Dalmatian people like eating, cooking and baking. Moreover it is not a privilege of women, but as a part of social life men also cook something (mostly fish) and drink wine or bevanda (wine softened with tap water). Dalmatian cuisine is magnificently simple: fresh raw materials, nice spices (but never hot), furthermore fine olives and wine. Taste of local olives is so amazing that it is not only used for cooking but purely for dunking with fresh white bread.