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20271 Blato-Prižba, Prišćapac b.b., Korčula, Hrvatska

Dalmatia – Korčula – Prišćapac

Why we and other love Dalmatia

Croatia is much more different than any other tourist paradise resorts. Korčula, the treasury island of Dalmatia is even more diverse since it is very natural, unique and green. You can even feel the green which is characteristic only for this region due to its coniferous pinewood, impassable evergreen bush and powerful flower fragrance. Beside the summer face of the island the green of winter and spring is also admirable here, when you can find seasonably flowers and freshly cut grass along the roads.
Local people live in harmony. They are not driven by money so they live a much stress-free life. They like working hard, eating nice foods, drinking fine wines, enjoying some rest after lunch and talking to others, thus they live a traditionally vivid social life unchanged during the last centuries. This is why we like their lifestyle, this is why it is so unique.   >> MORE