About us

Our club hotel with a relaxed family atmosphere offers a great opportunity to meet new friends, whilst ensuring the ideal background for complete relaxation. 70% of our guests return to us from time to time! It is worth joining this community!

Our hotel offers a direct beachfront location with a beautiful view and a uniquely safe and spacious pebbly beach.

The hotel’s two-storey buildings are all oriented towards the sea, but the view varies upon the location of the rooms. Intimate stairs leading down to the sea evoke the ancient centre of Dubrovnik, the main “pedestrian” street between the two buildings functions as an outdoor community space.

In our restaurants we serve authentic tastes of Dalmatian and international cuisine (using fresh, high quality ingredients) with a wonderful panorama.

Hotel Prišćapac Resort & Apartments was built in 1985, designed by Stanislav Mladinić, famous architect of Split. It is an independent resort of 50 rooms, 2 restaurants, a mini market, and sport facilities offered on the beach with its own beachfront area within Prižba.

We renovate our buildings and extend our services on a regular basis (based upon your needs and requirements) so that you can really feel at home. We offer our guests a wide range of recreational programmes (sports facilities, organised excursions, city tours, dancing parties, Dalmatian nights, creative hobby activities, etc.).

Our Mission

We are in love with Dalmatia due to its unique natural beauty, strong and vivid fellowship of local people, naturally marvellous taste of foods, modesty of their buildings, which all come together to create the Dalmatian lifestyle. Our aim is to introduce you, our guest, to all these treasures to provide you a perfect holiday.

Even ancient Romans said: “varietas delectat” and travellers nowadays also look for a variety and diversity of experiences. The majority our clients returns to us over and over again as this is how it normally goes here.

We will do our best to make you feel perfectly at home!
Our colleagues, who are awaiting you:

László Romácz

Director of hotel

Mária Endrődi

Director of sales