Food & Drinks

Dalmatian culinary trinity is made of a unique combination of fish, olives and wine.

These elements or at least two of them cannot be lacking in a traditional Croatian meal.

Food, drinks and all delicacies

Dalmatian people love eating and they enjoy preparing their meals. For that very reason cooking is not a necessarily “female” job, but it is considered to be a part of men’s social life. They principally grill fish and drink bevanda (local version of wine softened with non-sparkling water).

The greatness of Dalmatian cuisine lies in its simplicity: fresh ingredients, minimal spices (hot spices excluded), delicious local olives and wine. The taste of local olive oil might be surprising for the first time for those who “know” olive taste. However you can easily and immediately understand the reason why olive oil is not just an inert cooking material but has its own life as it is consumed as an appetizer purely with fresh white bread.

Our Terrace facing to the islands in the front

In our two authentic restaurants we offer Dalmatian and international delicacies made from healthy and fresh ingredients of high quality, accompanied by the house wine. You can admire the wonderful sea panorama whilst enjoying your meal since smaller islands opposite the hotel, island of Lastovo and – in good weather conditions – even the coasts of Italy can be seen.

Our chef in action

Would you like to have a quick insight in the secrets of the preparation of Dalmatian fish dishes? You can prepare your favourite Dalmatian specialty along with our chef whilst you have the chance to ask all your questions about different types of fish and seafood. 

Our chef will introduce you the tricks of Dalmatian cuisine and provide you splendid recipes. After the one-day cooking course you can eat the delicious food prepared upon the instructions of Robi whilst gaining excellent culinary knowledge. The cooking course costs HRK 60. 

Programme is subject to appropriate number of participants.